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OMG Steve Reich


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Little Fluffy Clouds of course. Steve Reich never sued for it I think. But in those days you could get away with a lot more when sampling. One thing about it that I didn't hear after years of listening to it was the voice saying "layering different sounds, layering different sounds on top of one another". And the intro is Radio 4s John Waite! "Over the past few years..."
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John Waite! Who knew!! :))

Ha ha, I can pinpoint exactly geographically where I heard those words...

(I shall have to go back to The Orb recording to go through the words.)

Indeed, you could pretty well get away with murder in those days. But it did cost an arm and a leg to sample anything of any length owing to the technology. (And did Eno and Byrne ever pay anything at all for anything on Bush of Ghosts?)

Anyways, I'm currently listening to The Grandfather Paradox: 50 Years of Minimalistic Music (eds. Schwarz, Ame, Dixon), which is how I came by this...

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now I didn't know that !! am a huge fan of Steve Reich (and Philip Glass, Arvo Part, Michael Nyman, etc etc etc you get the picture!) but I rarely listen to the Orb.

Mind you, oddly enough in my random musical wanderings I came across an Orb / David Gilmour combo which was .. interesting! .. it was called, erm, Metallic spheres ? or something similar !!)

Now if David Gilmour did something with Steve Reich (or Philip Glass, Arvo Part, Michael Nyman, etc etc etc) I'd be in 7th Heaven ;)

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