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Check parked vehicles before driving off...


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Just came home to find that someone had sideswiped my motor car sometime during the day leaving the rear bumper hanging off and a nice dent in the rear side panel - our road is like an ice rink.

I'm sure I'm not the only one this has happened to ? take care!

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Apparently, I am not alone (for once) - this has happened to thousands of other drivers up and down the country - either being hit or sideswiping a parked car. I suppose it's inevitable given the weather.

I've managed to reattach the bumper with a couple of spare clips. I shan't bother claiming for the dent or repairing it - it's not worth it on this car, which is only a run around. Given my luck with cars, I can live with a small dent until the next calamity befalls it.

There was no note or any witnesses - I only posted as a heads up because I almost didn't notice the damage under the pile of overlying snow.

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What an *rse!

Just been out in the car for the first time in days - someone has purposely scratched it down one side, and my partners car the next car along! Not sure if other car's in the road been done (the one's either side have changed frequently).

I am perplexed as to how that can bring someone pleasure, can only assume they must have a pretty miserable life!

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