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Dawson's Heights, Overhill Road

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Hi all, I will be moving to Dawson's Heights on Overhill Road shortly, been there twice to look at the property it seems very quiet and a nice place to live for a young couple. Just looking for some feedback from people that have or are living there on what live is like on the estate ? Any comments negative or positive would be greatly appreciated !
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We welcome you to Dawson's Heights,

it is high enough to see out, over the sights.

There is so much to see, so much on show,

as long as you don't suffer from Vertigo.

Look over London and see the sights,

when its dusk you can see bright lights.

To your flat climb the stairs or use the lift,

shortly a list of friends will start to exist.

If you want to find where shopping is best,

there are many that will answer your request.

Travelled here by Bus, Car, Plane or Train,

I bet you will soon feel you want to remain.

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It will be busy tonight. Lots of people congregate to see the views and fireworks across London.

As long as you have a car/motorcycle and / or a good set of lungs to climb up and down the hill, you are going to have a great time. The views are so wonderful. Having said that maybe your own flat does not have a view! The north facing 'garden' does, though! And of course then you have Horniman Gardens also. A great place to live I would have thought. Just buy a BIG freezer to stock up on stuff when you are snowed in and can't walk or drive up and down the hills! Welcome to the area.

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its a nice area! the blocks look daunting but i find it quite pleseant enough...

you have your own basketball court and great views of london in the dark when it all lights up well i do at the front anyway lol......

if only 5 trees would dissapear over night that blur my nearly clear amazing view!... does anyone know how to suttley quickly KILL 5 large trees!! fast tree eating termites pherhaps! lol

couple of crazy people around but they keep themselves to themselves generally and you WILL regulaly smell herbals being smoked! ive been offered 5 times allready as i walked past! lol

no actuall trouble atall in the 3 months ive been on the estate and they keep it pretty clean too..

how ever dont leave your bikes if you have any locked outside your house or on any pillars! they wont stay there for long as i found out!!

other that great area!

welcome, and if you need a hairdresser give me a shout!(tu)

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