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NEEDED -Ideas for a 1 year olds birthday party

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Hello everyone,

I decided a while ago I wasnt going to bother arranging a party for my baby he's almost 1 (sobs) where has that year gone? Anyway with only 2 weeks left to organise anything I have changed my mind and decided that I do want to do something for him.

I need help with ideas...........

(I have a back up contingency idea if necessary which is to host a small Tea party for him at home)

Ideally I would like to hire somewhere with a soft play area and range of toys as most of the children will be around the same age. However their will be a couple of older siblings attending so need them to be entertained too.

HELP me please.

Adelle :))

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Hi Adelle,

If you do decide to have the party at home, I teach a baby and toddler music class in East Dulwich which I can also come and do at home for birthday parties. Normally the structure follows my music class structure so we do some singing and dancing and playing instruments. I bring all my music things to your house and it lasts an hour. Really it works best if the adults are all up for getting involved as well as it's more about you interacting with your child in a positive musical way and the children interacting with each other than everyone watching an "entertainer". If you have time why not come along to one of my classes to see if it's what you're looking for. They're drop in at the following times above soup dragon on lordship lane:

Tues, Wed, Fri 3:30-4:30

Sat 10:30-11:30

Lot's of times when I do parties it's for children who come to the class and then they're familiar with the structure already and find it really special to have it in their homes so it could be nice if you have the chance to pop in for a class beforehand!

My rate is very affordable, I'm available at short notice and I would be happy to adapt the class with your favourite songs if you'd like.

Here is a recommendation from a fellow Forum user whose one year old's party I played at!

"I'd just like to add that yesterday Bea (from the post above Beababies) hosted my 1 year old's birthday party at home.

We did have a mixed age range of 7 months to 3 year olds present.

Bea arrived on time and was really lovely and heaps of fun. She enquired up front which songs my child would enjoy and recognise and included them in her mix. Bea also brought some instruments and toys to encourage interaction and got all us mums up and singing and dancing too.

I'd have no hesitation in recommending Bea and would happily ask her to come back again next year.

Thanks Bea, you made our day very special."


Please do get in touch if you'd be interested,

All the best,


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To be honest, at 1 I would say to keep it simple. The party is really more for you and the other adults than the little one. I'd say, stay at home with a few family or friends with similar age kids, lots of balloons, maybe a sing-along CD you can join in with and some instruments, lots of crinkly paper for the kids to play with, maybe a simple game like pass the parcel (they'll love lots of wrapping paper and not care for prizes at that age!)

I'm not sure what age the siblings are that you say will be there. If they're still pre-school then lots of balloons always seem to keep them happy and they shouldn't be too old to enjoy 'helping' the younger siblings with the songs and games and cake.

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Hi Adelle

You could hire soft play to your chosen venue - this is very popular for babies and toddlers. If you want to see the range of equipment, please visit: www.tippeetoes.co.uk

Interestingly, the equipment is hugely popular for 1st birthdays.

Best wishes


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