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Venue/Activity List for baby/toddlers

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Hi Ladies/Gents

I have no idea what things are offered locally for baby/toddlers, ie music groups, playgroups etc etc but often see mentions on posts of places/groups etc that people go to and wondered if people could list what events happen on what days and where etc so those of us that are in need of ideas to entertain our little ones have a point of reference?


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Hi - a forum user called Apenn did a v useful activity schedule a while back which you should be able to find, think if you search 'activity schedule' it'll come up - quite a few people contributed and it was updated, it's got all the details you need e.g venue, age range etc.
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Hello, I have been running music classes for parents/carers with babies and young children in Herne hill since 2005.

The sessions are held on Monday mornings at 10.30am and no enrolment is necessary.

The classes are friendly and informal and last 50 minutes which includes an organic juice and biccy break which gives the grown-ups an opportunity to chat and make new friends.

The drop-in nature ensures a mix of regulars and new faces.

the venue is Herne Hill United Church at the top of Red Post Hill SE24. There is a free carpark.

Cost is ?5 per family or ?3 unwaged family.

Kind regards,


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