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Farewell Blue Mountain


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Rumbero Wrote:


> Sue Wrote:

> --------------------------------------------------

> -----

> > I liked it best in its original incarnation,

> with

> > several separate quirky little rooms.


> I agree, Sue. Complete with exposed lath and

> plaster! Became a bit too 'clean and shiny' after

> the first refurb.

Yes, sadly I felt it lost its character. It was never the same sitting in that big room, though I can sort of understand why they changed all the layout.

They used to sell chocolate coffee beans in the tiny shop part they had at the front as you went in. I miss those! And, if memory serves, croissants?

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A sad day indeed. I remember the thrill of going into the Blue Mountain for the first time in 1994 - real coffee in a cool ambience had arrived in East Dulwich! Independent cafes very much are linked to gentrification which was being written about long before the 2000s - see link below. I interviewed Mel in 1997 for research I was doing into cafes, gentrification and regeneration in London. If anyone's interested Sharon Zukin has written a lot about the role 'visually delectable' cafes, delis, street markets have in attracting young middle class people into run-down urban areas, supported and encouraged in many ways by local councils.


I wish you well Mel - look forward to seeing what you do next.

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Jules-and-Boo Wrote:


> Gentrification is not about independent coffee

> shops. I doubt that word had even been used until

> early 2000s.


> It's about the cleansing of an area and making it

> bland (mainly closing the funky independent

> places.

That's the final stage of gentrification - the initial stages see entrepreneurs moving in.

We seem to be moving to the final stage which is as above.

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'Gentrification' frequently follows a similar trajectory - houses are built in an area for single occupancy. Over time this converts to multiple occupancy and later these houses are reconverted to single occupancy and the area is considered 'gentrified'. But in fact it's cyclical. What is 'gentrified' not infrequently was initially designed for the gentry. The shops and food outlets follow the residents. When I moved to ED over 30 years ago, LL was full of second hand pram shops - now it isn't.
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Me too. Grace & favour was my favourite shop in ED in the 90s. We arrived with a baby and then quickly had another one in 1991. So happy when BBC and Free Range opened up. And it's been on the up ever since. Now that our babies have left home, got married etc we are thinking of downsizing. But where to go after 30 fab years in ED?
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