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All inclusive for May half term? Recommendations please

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With flights seeming super expensive,I am looking for an affordable all inclusive holiday for this May half term. I want something suitable for three - 13 year olds.

Football facilities and pools a must. But ideally reasonably priced - we?re not in the market for Mark Warner or Sensortori hols. Am I asking for the impossible?

Don?t mind where as long as it?s warm.

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I have used this website to book holidays in Italy - I am not sure about football facilities but we have usually stayed at beautiful converted farmhouses and had breakfast and dinners. We have always booked at new with pools, but usually had to hire a car. Meals have usually cooked from fresh produce from the farm.


I have a fabulous recommendation for Portugal .... pool & food .... but no football field!

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It's not all inclusive but the flights to Italy we've had for 3 years in a row have been half the price of Spain (this was July/August).

We loved Pra D'elle Torri and this year trying Union Lido. Both massive campsites (but also have hotels) so many different accommodation types. Have lots of facilities and activities and the pools are amazing. Might be worth checking out.

You fly to Venice for these 2 and get a bus to campsites.

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