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Looking for work experience- Local Art, Design, Photography, Advertising Agency


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Looking for a local art, design, photography or advertising agency to take my Yr 10 son for 5 days in June. He is a talented artist and photographer and has experience of using Adobe suite.He's been let down by an agency in East London so we are desperately trying to find another placement. All insurances etc., are covered by the school.
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Hi Bonnierach as someone also looking for work experience for my son (but not in your field) massive thumbs up for stepping forward.....It is so hard to find a range of experiences and yet it could inspire a life and bring new talent into the pool in the future. I wish the government or business organisations would get more behind this.

A big thumbs up for SQUINTOPERA.COM 😊

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Thank you! I will get him to email tonight. Travel to East London not such an issue for us as we are going to travel with him where needed. You are a star :-)

bonnierach Wrote:


> Hey! I work for a creative agency squintopera.com

> and we may be able to take him. Contact us on

> [email protected] if he is interested. We?re

> in Bethnal Green so a trek maybe?

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