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Burnout/Stress/ME/Chronic Fatigue

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If you (or a loved one) are experiencing stress/burnout, or have ME/chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia and are asking yourself:

What is the cause?

Why do I/they feel so terrible?

Why don't I/they have ANY energy even though I am/they are sleeping and resting loads, taking supplements, trying different treatments?

I had ME/CFS/fibromyalgia/burnout for 8 years, which was the result of sustained stress.

At one point, I couldn't walk for one minute without feeling exhausted.

ME/CFS/fibromyalgia are real conditions.

It wasn't 'all in my head'.

I didn't want to lie in bed for hours.

I had lived an active life before getting sick.

I was lucky - my Doctors were supportive, but they didn't know how to help.

Thankfully, I discovered an approach that:

- Recognised that this condition was real

- Helped me make sense of why I stayed stuck

- Helped me understand what may be suppressing my immune function, quality

of sleep and energy production

I believe that these findings were key to my recovery - I got back to full time work, teaching what I had learned to others and have been doing that for nearly 14 years.

Had I learned these tools prior to getting sick, I probably would not have got sick.

I share what I learned in my free report ?ME/CFS: the Missing Piece? My 8 Year Search For Answers?

Click the link to download the short report (15 minutes to read):


If you are experiencing stress and want to address the stress, get in touch for a free 15 minute consultation.

Simon Pimenta

07906 568843

[email protected]

Bellenden Therapies

147A Bellenden Rd


SE15 4DH

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I had some treatment with Simon as I had been suffering from CFS/ME from 2015. While I was suffering physically and unable to run or exercise and generally struggling day to day with my job, the mental aspect was also very challenging. With no end in sight and no effective way to manage symptoms my mood suffered further. Thankfully Simon gave me the tools to manage my condition and look at the effect stress was having on me. Looking at my condition and the relationship between stress and physical issues was a great help as I now felt like I understood what was going on. This helped my outlook and mood and then physically I began to improve too.

If you?re feeling stuck with a fatigue condition or anxiety or stress I can?t recommend the treatment more.

Rob :-)

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