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Jute flooring or eco flooring


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I tried to get this for cost reasons and eco reasons for 2 seperate rooms on 2 seperate occasions, unsuccessfully. The product itself is affordable but it needs to be placed on an immaculately flat floor. It cant go on floorboards. If you want to lay it on floorboards you first have to board out the room. This means using mdf or ply which defeats the eco benefits and natural benefits of the jute. It also needs to be ?double glued? and the glue isn?t eco. Finally, regular carpet layers are uncomfortable laying it and usually you need to get a specialist recommended by your jute provider, they aren?t cheap. In one room I ended up boarding it out then realising I couldn?t afford the tradesman to lay jute and bought a huge vintage rug (eco and low chemicals) from eBay for ?100). Second room I painted the floor with eco paint and stitched together 2 large rugs (Stitched by hand with jute string, easily) which covered nearly the whole room and cost me ?140 total. I?m happy to pass on where to get large, cheap, excellent quality jute rugs if you decide to go that way.
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I specifically bought this rug twice and sewed it side by side and it doesn?t notice. I was surprised by how soft and lovely it was, expecting it to be scratchy. No smell off it either. This site has many jute options. Ikea actually sew together lots of their rugs for their room scapes and it?s hard to notice, check it out next time you are there.


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