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Help! Parking advice Bellenden Road


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So....we don't own a car, never have done. But we have a cleaner who visits, by car, once a week. She comes exactly during the times that the controlled parking zone will apply to. (she comes 9:30 - 12:30 -- restrictions seem to be from 11 - 1). Buying a pass once per week gets awfully expensive. As she doesn't live here, we can't buy her an annual pass, + she would presumably need that somewhere else.

And while the is quite a pain for us, I can't imagine what it will mean for people who have carers who come, say, to give them lunch, for example. Is it possible to get any exemptions? What do people suggest?

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thanks for advice -- I don't want to find a new cleaner, and its not fair to her to let her go in order to find someone more local, as she's been working for us for some time. Yes, we could do our own cleaning, but long ago decided that having a cleaner is one of the secrets to a happy marriage and with busy lives it helps a lot. We have been known to forgo certain things in order to budget for said cleaner...as I said, we don't own a car, and are not profligate in our spending.

So adding a few quid on a week doesn't sound like a lot, but we do run a tight budget....The irony is that the weekly cost of parking adds up to almost as much as an annual amount for a resident's car, but we can't get one of those.

I still think it's madness. On our stretch of the road, there is no pressure on parking spaces at all during the day, it's too far from the station to attract people wanting to use it for commuting.

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