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Have sent you a PM with the address of the government online form for "extremely vulnerable" people to register. However the "extremely vulnerable" list is very narrow indeed.

For example, it doesn't include multiple sclerosis, which seems pretty harsh.

A number of medics and specialists have supported an article that was in the Independent yesterday, criticising the list for being too narrow. They point out that the "extremely vulnerable" list covers people who have a single, very serious condition. But there are also a very large number of people who have perhaps two or three slightly less serious, but still disabling conditions, and who are a bit under 75, who are not included in this list and therefore won't qualify to have shopping and medicines delivered.

If you fill out the government online form, it goes to the NHS 111 service, who will then contact you, and they decide who does or doesn't go on the list. The NHS worker I spoke to about this (not as a patient) said that the decision is being moved away from GPs so that the numbers can be limited. That does not seem to be a legitimate reason for doing it via NHS 111. It sounds very much like the way that the Department of Work and Pensions took over taking decisions about benefits for disabled people, rather than allowing people's own doctors to do this.

I wonder if they actually have enough medically qualified staff at the NHS 111 service who will be competent to make these decisions, or whether they have just in fact been told to act like the DWP and refuse people wherever they can.

I really hope you manage to get your shopping delivered by someone, perhaps some of the local volunteers would do this?

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I thought vulnerable people were going to be contacted automatically by the NHS (I've had two major operations in my life but won't be on this list and I don't feel I should be). I've never read my patient notes however as haven't most people.
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It's only "extremely vulnerable" people who are going to get the NHS letter. It's a very small group of illnesses that are included. The group includes those currently doing chemo and those with very severe asthma (have been hospitalised or who have to take steroids). Those people are supposed to be "cocooned" for 12 weeks.

They even reduced the medical conditions they are including in "extremely vulnerable" between Sunday and Monday!

For example, sickle cell anaemia was included on Sunday but had been edited out by Monday evening.

They have also described a second group of "vulnerable" individuals, which includes everyone who normally gets a text from the NHS inviting them for a flu jab. The advice to those people is a bit baffling to me.

One the one hand, they are "strongly advised" not to let anyone into their homes, and to avoid any social contact or contact with their friends or family. On the other hand, they are told they should still be commuting to work on public transport, but should "vary their journey". That is what is currently on the gov.co.uk site. Although of course no one is supposed to be commuting now, unless they are a key worker.

It seems likely that the advice to the "vulnerable" group, that they should still be attending workplaces, although not allowed to meet their own families in person, was based on the realisation that otherwise 20% of the population would be entitled to claim benefits / sick pay for the next 12 weeks or as long as it lasts.

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Just posting the link here - https://www.gov.uk/coronavirus-extremely-vulnerable . This is for people who ought to be in the "extremely vulnerable" group but have not received one of the letters sent out by the government.

A lot of people who might qualify are likely to have been left off due to omissions in the coding on NHS databases.

If they turn you down, it is a good idea to call your GP and check that your medical conditions have been accurately recorded on your local NHS database record. If not insist that the GP updates / corrects your record.

When NHS 111 staff then look at your records, they can pull the updated / correct information over from the local record into the national "spine" record.

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I?ve just found this thread again in the lounge :) thank you for all your help on this. I?ve done the online firm, but not because I want the help, I don?t want Tesco to now disqualify me for delivery because the advice has changed. I know my health and I know I would be severely affected by the virus so therefore a burden on NHS. I?m happy to be self sufficient and I know not everyone has that luxury. I feel very very sad and sorry for those who won?t also get the support they need. Hopefully it will be temporary?

Do you think if you are required to have both the flu and pneumonia jabs, you?d qualify? I?ve both on my medical records as requirements as a result of the meds I take etc..

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Unfortunately, getting the NHS invite to have the 'flu jab just qualifies you for the "vulnerable" list, not the "extremely vulnerable" list.

The govt asked for 250,000 people to volunteer as NHS volunteers, those volunteers are the people who will be delivering food and meds to the "extremely vulnerable" list.

Media are saying that 400,000 people have already volunteered, 150,000 more than were asked for, so perhaps those extra 150,000 could be delivering to the most needy on the "vulnerable" list too. A massive task to organise though.

(I don't know why the EDF moved this thread to the Lounge, as people need that gov.uk link. The media aren't getting clear info on these lists out there, even the BBC was being misleading about it today. Go figure, as they say.)

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