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Aquarius Golf Course as a community space??


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Given how busy Peckham Rye has been recently and how we need both exercise and social distancing....it seems important that we open up new public spaces for exercise etc. The most obvious that I can think of is Aquarius Golf course. According to the website it is closed but I have seen the odd golfer using it today. What do people think? I might approach them....it's just unfortunate that they haven't offered it to us in the spirit of community kindness.
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It's not space that's a problem, it's people's behaviours when using the space.

As demonstrated, day after day, people get too close and crowd too much or go about in large groups.

Giving a new space will just create the opportunity to repeat dangerous behaviour.

Why do you think we've lost the parks now ?

What will change by providing an additional space ?

I fear nothing will change and more infections will occur.

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The space needed between people is nicely provided already, by the walls between our houses and apartments.

This is what we're left with now.

And to think somebody on Friday couldn't understand what my point was when I posted that East Dulwich Tavern was STILL open that evening and fairly busy with customers !

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Hi Marmattee, they can't due this as it's a Thames Water property. Thames Water stopped the annual music festival as they didn't want non-members of the club on the land, the lease is for a golf club only. They also stopped the public going on Nunhead reservoir, which is also an open space. The park and open space closures are directly as a result of how some people ignored the social distancing rules over the weekend and treated this crisis as an extended bank holiday weekend to socialise with friends in parks.


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I really think outdoor exercise going forward will be limited to running/walking around the local block.

What we can't do is drive to parks to exercise.

We might even be on full lockdown by the time some read this after this weekends pictures

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dbboy Wrote:


> How about One Tree Hill and Camberwell Old and New

> Cemetery's that are used for recreation?

Surely exactly the same issues would apply (apart from the Thames Water thing)?

People evidently cannot be trusted to keep their distance from each other in open spaces :(

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I went for an early morning cycle before coming back home to work today. Not sure whether this is a good idea, but assumed I would not come into contact with anyone. I was surprised going through Burgess park how many people were there and many of them not keeping a distance. I suspect we'll get a total lock down soon.
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