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Leaving gates open


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worldwiser Wrote:


> There's a very good reason for leaving park gates

> open at the current time. It will massively reduce

> the prospect of infection.


> Normal rules need not apply.

Apart from a dog running in to the road

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I've thought about this and don't think gates open is sensible.

Hey let's open the barrier between one space and another, thereby deleting the utility (be that safety/security).

Hmmm, I think we need to consider why it was put there and the purpose it serves (and situations it helps avoid).

Anyone who's had a dog or child go missing through a gate left open, had same injured or killed by traffic, will be able to explain why a gate should be closed.

To say dogs (or kids presumably) should be 'under control' is IMO unrealistic. Children wander, dogs see cats, etc.

Gates are there for a reason.

You could leave your front door open for the same reason - postie has touched it, delivery guys have touched it, Ocado have touched it, passers-by have coughed on it if you're near the pavement.

Perhaps remove handrails on buses and trains, insist shop doors are left open, remove park benches, ban shopping trolleys, as these have all been touched by the public too ?

Best use a tissue or disposable glove to touch gate, then discard it when you're in the park (and same on way out) ?

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