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2 groups of teenagers in Peckham rye park


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I know where my children are , either at home or walking the dog once a day , they take it in turns to come with me .

Today near the Japanese garden was a very strong smell of dope and then hey presto a gang of about 8 teenagers appeared

A few with bikes . They kept laughing and giving each other high fives . This was about 4pm .

We then walked towards the rose garden where we saw four boys no more that 13 maybe less running through the rose garden with a football and then hiding in one bit where there is a a bench .

This is not on !

I tried to get hold of someone in authority but couldn?t , I am not going to risk mine or my daughters safety by tackling them myself , I will call the police !

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Are you not outraged by the East Dulwich families who still have nannies they share with other families?

Literally not giving a toss about isolation rules.

Get some perspective.

Teenagers have no say about homelife. I know teenagers who are stuck with abusive adults.

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I?m so fed up of teenagers getting judged and slammed all the time.

If you knew what some of their home lives are like you would be less likely to judge. Maybe stop and think about what some of these kids go through at home. Maybe consider what their ?home? looks like and what they experience there.

The vast majority of teenagers are at home, just like yours dimples, bravo you and yours. Of course some are simply flouting the rules because that?s what some teenagers (and adults) do. The rest are too at risk in their own home. Does it need to be spelt out why?

Have a think about what the reality of going home actually means to far too many teenagers and then maybe keep your finger pointing indoors with your perfect family.

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Many young people live in overcrowded homes. This why parks should not be closed. Millions of households have no gardens. Many families are housed in flats with small rooms with children sharing bedrooms. Even worse, there are around 70,000 families nationwide living in just one room! Most people are maintaining social distancing, so there must be a better way to deal with the few who aren't.
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There are a number of adults who are flouting the lockdown rules.

It's not just teenagers - I am also frustrated by the constant complaining about this age group.

Adults have more control over where they live, how they live, who they live with - they are more worthy of your criticism.

Parks should not HAVE to be closed. As a community, this is something we have brought on ourselves.

It certainly is NOT just due to teenagers.

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Yes dimples, and it has been pointed out to you that there are complex reasons why a very small minority of teenagers might be hanging out.

I hope those kids are ok (as I do anyone, young or old who are breaking social distancing rules because their home lives and mental health aren't as cushty as some on this forum).


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Suicide, child sexual abuse, domestic violence are problems we have seen rise through lockdown. I have seen people sit on buses especially little buses p13 where half the bus is blocked off and its impossible to keep the given distance. This maybe older people going to sainsburys, or as some may think, should not be travelling regardless of not knowing circumstances. Not everyone falls into the category of the rather contradictory neccesity group. And as time has shown, there are serious consequences from the lockdown. The government has now said people can go live with friends or family if they find themselves in a domestic situation. Many children do not have an option, also leaving for a few days may be helpful but it can also make a situation worse. I have saw a few young people meet up and it felt to me an absolute neccesity. I think people behave in ways neccesary to try and protect themselves and families.
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binkylilyput Wrote:


> Increase in calls to helplines from young people

> who are struggling to manage at home with parents

> problematic drinking :-(


> https://news.sky.com/story/coronavirus-calls-to-ch

> arity-double-as-children-struggle-in-lockdown-with

> -alcoholic-parents-11981408

People aren't drinking more whatever the papers say - they are drinking more at home where it's noticed and nothing in the Pubs and Restaurants. Mind you like other things it's a poor persons/overcrowded housing issue.

It shows the role pubs play (good or bad), I notice many (more well off) people on twitter have designed and built their own bars during the lockdown (in the shed or spare room) and it's a thing to show them off.


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