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Yama Momo crowd funding


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Yama Momo are currently crowd funding to raise some money to reopen. Every "donation" gets an equivalent voucher to spend once they're open, and those greater than ?25 get a discount thrown in.

Would be a shame to see them gone for good as they add variety to the offerings of the lane and do a pretty mean cocktail.

Am not affiliated in any way.


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probably paying suppliers they owe - that is the challenge the hospitality trade is facing - most suppliers to be paid within 30 days of invoice, so all those feb/march invoices are to be paid but with zero income.

even when shut there are outgoings that cannot be stopped = electricity, security, telephone lines/broadband (linked to alarm system) and so on.

wish them the very best of luck

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Yes, outgoings when shut, but much reduced.

Paying outstanding invoices - er, that's what the profit they've previously made in the past and should have put aside for "rainy days" should cover. If they haven't and can't, then their business model is questionable.

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