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Easiest way to post a face mask...


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Hi there. I need to send my father a face mask I?ve got. It?s not the normal size face mask, it?s actually a respirator so measures about 13cm cubed whilst in the box. And now there seems to be movement towards masks, he is more likely to wear it whilst shopping etc. Does anyone know whether Lordship Lane Post Office, or the one in the Village, are actually open - I?ve seen posts suggesting that it?s hard to tell from one day to the next as to whether the Post Office is going to open? And if not, does anyone know what may be the next best option for posting - I presume a courier but it feels a bit over the top!

Any help would be gratefully received, thank you.

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I should think all Post Offices are open and have been open throughout the current situation. I've still been using my two local Post Offices to post off parcels with no problems during the past few weeks. I've sent a couple of food parcels off to my daughter who is currently up in Birmingham in her last year at university and she has received them both ok.

I would send off a face mask at second class signed for postage. It did cost ?3.95 but recently went up to around ?4.10. Just found this out as I also send off stuff I sell on ebay.

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