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Tips for an uninspired filmstudent during a pandemic


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Dear people of East Dulwich and beyond,

I am a filmstundent doing an MA in creative documentary directing living in the area and I am in a pickle. With projects not going ahead as planned due to covid and not being able to interact with the world around me as I'm used to.. I'm having a hard time finding new stories that inspire me. Do you know one? I'm looking localy for stories, interesting characters or places, something going on or something that angers you - anything!

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Read all the stories about the post. You could trail a postman and watch people shouting at him/her or visit the sorting office. Perhaps the sight of a camera would inspire them to actually get the post moving. Stories about what the post means to people
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How about documenting the local charities helping the elderly, refugees and others? I can put you in touch with a local refugee organisation that has been feeding their clients throughout lockdown - not promising anything, but you might be able to help each other.
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