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Dominos Pizza - withholding customer money


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At the outset, I write this realising we are talking about takeaway pizza during a global pandemic....

But I wanted to warn other East Dulwich customers about the experience I have had with Dominos Pizza Dog Kennel Hill so that it might help inform you which pizza place to pick should you be in the market for a takeaway any time soon!

Dominos failed to deliver my order a month ago, they couldn?t explain why it never got to me, but agreed to send me a refund. I was told this would take 3-5 days and thought nothing more of it. The refund never got to me and since then it has gone from the ridiculous to the absurd. Every time I have chased it up since, I have been consistently lied to and fobbed off by the Store Manager. When I call, they laugh down the phone, give fake email addresses for the Area Manager/Directors etc. Told me they can?t give me customer services or area managers contact details for data protection reasons.

I have never experienced anything like it from a company. It was a ?30 order but the bewildering lack of integrity and customer service on display will hopefully make others think twice about where they choose to spend their money.

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Thank you! That?s really useful, I?ll try him on LinkedIn.

I did actually copy him in to my emails with the franchise but no reply...

I think I will try him on LinkedIn directly though as you suggest as I was just so shocked to be laughed at. It?s not about money so much as the ethics. I?m being laughed at about them not sending me a refund for a service they never delivered.

I obviously have better things to do with my time than chase up ?30 but hard to let a business get away with such contempt for their customers.

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Also The Guardian Consumer Champions might be able to shame them into action if there's a potential complaint printed in the paper:

'We welcome letters but cannot answer individually. Email us at [email protected]. Please include a daytime phone number. Submission and publication of all letters is subject to our terms and conditions.'

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Thank you so much for your reply and suggestion. I have been in contact with their central customer care but they seem to pass enquiries immediately over to the franchise to deal with rather than have a central department which isn?t very helpful if you then want to complain about the franchise itself. The customer service person for the franchise did initially reply to say they were sorry and would refund me immediately but then didn?t do it; and is now ignoring me...

All very odd.

I?ve never had an experience like it. Despite it costing ?30 to issue a small claim, I?m minded to do so just out of principle.

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I posted a letter with ?70.00 in and paid for track & trace. It hasn't arrived and this is all I get:

Track and Trace - Track your Item

Check the progress of your deliveries



Fersiwn Cymraeg

We've got it

Tracking no. VE82702612GB

Your item was posted at Post Office? branch, Forest Hill Road Post Office SE22 0RR on 18-11-2020. More information will be available as it travels through our network.

Service used:

Royal Mail Special Delivery Guaranteed 1pm?

We're working hard to meet our usual delivery aims. If we can?t ? because of the continued effects of Coronavirus on our people and ways of working ? we?ll deliver as soon as possible. Between now and Christmas, we?re delivering parcels up until 9.00pm and you may get two deliveries in one day. Sorry for any inconvenience. Find out more about services in your area.

Updated on: Wednesday 18 November


Sender preparing item

Hide earlier journey

Wednesday 18 November


Accepted at Post Office Forest Hill Road Post Office [sE22 0RR]

Never anything else.

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AnnaSimmonds Wrote:


> Annoyingly I paid by PayPal and for some reason

> they won?t provide a refund.

PayPal is indirectly paying by card, isn't it. Might your card issuer still be willing to help?

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