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Private swimming lessons

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When you say private, do you mean one-to-one?

If that's because your kid is very nervous they may benefit from starting at Beckenham Spa - in the group lessons which means they'll be in with "friends". The teaching pool is warm as a bath and the floor is moveable so they start the tiny ones off just walking across the pool. Before you know it they are dunking them in the deep end of the main pool and have them doggy paddling back. It's well over 10 years since we did this but the teaching then was superb and I know the facilities are still excellent. So may be worth a look.

If you do mean one-to-one Beckenham may still be able to connect you to a teacher. JAGS Sports Club certainly can - give them a ring on 020 8613 6500. Dulwich College also has a sports club and there is private swim teaching out of there - https://www.dcsportsclub.co.uk/freelance-swimming/

Both JAGS SC and DCSC do group lessons too but I think the kids may have to already be 4 before they can go on the waiting lists for group lessons.

Finally there's also Tigersharks locally - group only, I think, but they do take very little ones, I believe / and you can go with them.

Otherwise there are people like Swimming Nature who are good, but not local.

Hope that helps, and drop me a PM if you don't get anywhere / want to talk. I've been involved with kids swimming for a long time now, but I'm afraid I am not a teacher.

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My son had a couple of 1-1 swimming lessons with Carol at Jags a few years ago which were really good, I?m not sure if she?s still teaching there but definitely recommend her if she is.

He also did lessons at superkids swim school which uses the pool in Dulwich prep, the classes there are very small, only about 4 kids per teacher with very good teaching & I?d recommend that too.

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