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Urgent advice needed from SEN parents primary age

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After battling for over 4 years to get support for my son, he has been given a diagnosis of ASD & EHCP, now I have 15 days to find him another school! There was actually a place saved for him 2020 at Bermondsey but EHCP wasn't done due to Covid related delays

A bit of background. I was recommended to try Spa Camberwell & Beaumond Bermondsey - by his current school who have said these will be suitable for his needs. However I know that Spa has no places & Bermondsey seems like only other option, although when I called them they said they take EBT & not ASD,

I am waiting for SIAS to get back to me but its

really parents own opinions I would value right now.

1. What other primary schools are there in Southwark for ASD that you would recommend. He has been at main stream and SEN provision 50 50. His EHCP has stated he needs a small setting that can cater for his needs & encourage him to become independent.

2 Are they any other organisations I could contact for support?

3. Is it possible for him to attend an out of Borough school & get transport paid for by Southwark?

I would be grateful for any input good & bad on any of my questions or other relevant info

If you can spare a moment to either reply here or PM me OR even call if you would prefer.


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Thought I would just send a quick note. The best places to go for local advice are


I have not trust whatsoever in charities or advice orgs that are affiliated with the local authority.

The other excellent resource is


It is great that you have come through the EHCP battle, but now the fight (and it is a fight) will continue to see how cheaply they can adhere to the outline of the EHCP.

The LA has some great people in it, but unfortunately it is a money game. This country really doesn't value education or disability rights. Much of this is window dressing.

If you want the best outcomes, you will have to keep fighting all the way through. Best advice is to always seek out independent advice and input from folks who are not also consultants with the LA.

Don't go based on what anyone else says, including the current school. They aren't experts in autism.

I would look for a small mainstream school with a SENCO that is responsive. Ask to speak with other parents with SEN needs at the school.

Sorry, can't name a specific school for you.

They also really should not do this to you over the Easter Holidays. Most staff need a well deserved break.

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