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Planning application Solomon?s Passage

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Just spotted an item on Facebook regarding revised plans for demolition/ redevelopment of buildings at 40-46 Solomons Passage which I believe overlooks Peckham Rye? I don?t have a view, just posting for info.

What on earth has gone on here?



Seems as though comments on the application are due in by 10 April.

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Sadly cases like this are not unusual. It can take a long time for building defects to emerge by which time those accountable can wriggle out of liability. Building control and planning are a awful compared to other Northern European countries and the scheme that should indemnify the victims is riddled with conflicts of interest. The industry joke is that NHBC stands for Never Have Believed a Claim.

We have an asset class - residential property - underwritten by the government and massively undertaxed (again relative to other Northern European countries). This causes a huge misallocation of capital and is almost certainly one of the reasons why UK productivity lags so badly compared to our peers.

To add insult to injury the quality of this asset class is terrible.

What tax there is, stamp duty, is a distortionary tax on labour mobility.

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The_hermit I'm fairly ignorant in this area can you elaborate if you have time? Not quite sure what you mean by underwritten by the government. The tax thing I get but don't know much about tax in other NE countries - different CGT?

On the specific development, can anyone say whether the housing association made good on their promises? The whole thing sounds horrific.

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