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How do I make a video 'slideshow' of a series of photos?


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I need to make a sort video of a series of my paintings for my website (like a slideshow, just flicking from image A to image B, image C and so on) ) and for an exhibition - any suggestions for the simplest way to do this?

I saw a few apps that seem to do the job but don't know which would be the simplest to use. Some seemed very expensive so if there are any free ones which would work that would be good.It would be handy to be able to use it for Instagram too..

Or I have an iMac which I could have a go on if not...

thanks for any suggestions.

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I regularly use VivaVideo app (free!) on my phone. It is basically a video editor. You can create your own montage with pictures, videos, music, timing adjustments etc and it is fairly simple to use. Not sure about insta, but the final file is a video so would be easy to upload to your website. Good luck!
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There are many different free apps or plugins to do this. The key search words are "carousel" + "slider" + "web page"

Much depends on how your web site has already been formed. Most are developed using a proprietary theme rather than write raw code.

I use Theme Fusion's Avada theme.

If you want to go another way ypou can create amp4 file to ri=un on a loop. You can craete this with a variety of free video editors such as Videopad.

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