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Plot of No Time to Die and antivax


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Isn't red sparrow about a female KGB operator ?

Similar to Nikita (TV series) also about a female spy / assassin ?

It's interesting, if you remade the original Alien, would you cast Simon Weaver (made up actor) in the role of Ripley to make it more PC? Or would you write it so that there are two Hero's that survive, one male, one female (Jones the cat doesn't quite count as a second hero)

Equality needs to flow two ways to make it truly equal.

As for the plot of bond, is it set in Holland and riots are in the streets ?

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I don't understand the whole female Bond proposition.

By all means make a movie or several movies about a female secret agent. Give her the codename 007 if you like, give her colleagues called Q/M/Moneypenny. It doesn't bother me. But it isn't "James Bond" is it? It's not the same character... it's a spin-off.

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