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petrol theft

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went out during the day time on wednesday and came home to my wife's Vespa ET2 drained of petrol and my peugeot Vivacity scooter drained of 2 stroke oil.

Be aware!!

I live in Trossachs Rd East Dulwich.

( there were people in my house all day!!)

I have ordered two alarms and adjusted the security light to cover the bikes.

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Countrlass22 Wrote:


> goodness sake,not nice even worse people home not

> heard or seen.

> must be professionals.

> sorry hear this

"Professionals" is a strong word, more likely kids for the sake of 5-6 pounds worth of petrol/

Put a cover on them always, if you can then lock it over the bikes. You just need to make your petrol slightly less attractive than someone else's and a bit more hassle...... (unfortunate but true)

Should be OK with what you're doing already.

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