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The Clockhouse


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Jah Lush Wrote:


> I like the Clockhouse. I've been going in on an

> irregular basis since I was a teenager. Yes, Peter

> was up his own arse and a complete snob, Francis

> could be the same on occasion but was always

> extremely pleasant to me and without wanting to

> sound conceited I think she fancied me. The two

> boys could be a bit odd but I took them with a

> pinch of salt, a slice of lemon and a shot of

> Tequila.

> I only tend to go there mostly in the summer

> though and this summer it was a very pleasant

> place to sit outside and watch the world go by.

> I've found the new staff to be very pleasant and

> even enjoyed some reasonably good food (in a

> Youngs pub? I hear Sean Mac say) there during the

> summer months. I love Youngs beer and so I shall

> be popping in soon for some Winter Warmer as it's

> been a while. Cheers!

The Frances Appreciation Board FAB have had a whip round and put a bounty on your head JL.

Unless you withdraw the above assertion we will be considering even crapper chocolate bars.

We give fair warning that we have access to both Fry's Turkish Delight and Hershey bars.

Edited because instead of the final parenthesis around FAB it came out as a b@stard emoticon.

Edited again because the same b@stard emoticon came up once more so left the the parentheses out altogether.

That's Friday the 13th for you.

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I'm sure Jah knows when he's onto a good thing, and I fancy him myself, but isn't it the job of a certain type of landlady to make all the regulars think she'd kindly take them down the cellar and leave them gasping over a casket, if it wasn't for his nibs with his name above the door?
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Jah Lush Wrote:


> Ted's nailed it on the head. HonaloochieB admit

> it, your just insanely jealous.

Nothing of the sort JL. I caught those side long glances she used to give me.

Glances that said 'if only I wasn't welded to this place by a sense of duty and for better or worse I married the big lug and I have had two children with him, I'd give up the second home, the boat and all the holidays and come and live in your council flat, that'll be ?3.20, yes it's gone up'.

Pregnant with meaning those glances were.

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