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Half Moon Montessori Nursery

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Can anyone give me a sort of reference for Half Moon? Please don't respond with the pros and cons of the Montessori method (I have SSSOOOOO heard LOTS of goods and bads) but I'd just like to hear from some parents whose children have attended there... were they happy? what did you think of the teachers?

Thanks very much indeed.

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I love this Nursery. All 4 of my children have been, or are still there. You could prob find more hard core Montessori nurseries if methodology is your main driver, but if you want a happy, varied, child led, family environment, Half Moon is the place. It is run by three members of the same family, all of whom are warm and dedicated to the school. The rest of the staff are very professional and most of them have been at the school for longer than my children have attended (which amounts to quite a long time!) this is rare in Nursery teaching and has offered wonderful continuity for my kids and reflects the happy working relationships of the people who work there. The staff are a fantastic mix of young and old, male and female and all bring different skills to the school.

My only caveat is that the admin can be a bit woolley which can be annoying if you are trying to get a place, but I urge you to persevere with it and forgive any blips on this score as their skills lie in childcare, not in administration!!!

PM me if you have any other queries.

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