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Help Wii or X box


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Speaking as someone who has both of those consoles, I feel the novelty of the Wii wears off pretty quick. It does depend on what you want- if you're going to be playing with family and other people then the Wii is very social and fun but it just doesn't rival the Xbox for solo gaming and immersive games.

I've bought then sold, then bought again and about to sell again the Wii because I find it just doesn't hold my attention for as long as the Xbox and can be irritating.

Overall, Wii= occasional, fun gaming. Xbox= graphically superior, satisfying and rich games.

All just my humble opinion of course!

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Also points for the xbox are the ability to download films as well as stream stuff from your pc wirelessly

One minus point of the xbox however is the noise - if you are playing directly of a disc it can get pretty noisy

But I've had mine for 4 years and think it's the best system I've ever owned (going back to my speccy in 83)

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