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Any free classes for under 1's


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hi bookstart is free a small playgroup various venues depending on day I think, but there is play dough, craft takle loads of books that you can borrow, rain sets, fake food etc and sing and story time at the end. nice little group only thing is they close the doors when they get 30 in I think so you have to arrive early or risk not getting in.
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There are free drop-ins and stay and play groups in children?s centres both in Southwark and Lambeth, there are also One o clock clubs- such as the one in Brockwell park on Friday mornings from 10 to 12.

If you want to look up the children?s centres to see which is your local one go to the council?s family information service page on line or just look up children centres.

Good luck xx

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There are some really nice ones on the timetables sunbob posted link to: on a Monday morning at Denmark Hill community centre - messy play and little treasures, and Monday afternoon there's a v nice play session at the Albrighton comm centre but beware the centre has moved to a mobile hut thing v near DKH school, no longer on Albrighton road. Both free and both aimed at 18 months and under. That's Monday sorted...loads of info on those PDFs on council's website.
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