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Wossis name


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In reality that's what's happening. Cillian and Fiacra (sp) have not only been chucked out of the window, but buried deep in the compost heap at the back, leaving me with a bunch of equally unspellable options the poor mite will be stuck spellin out for people the rest of it's life as if a spic surname with funny letters wasnt hassle enough for the poor little mite!!
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Not to worry Mockney Piers, sometimes the boys do get their way...

My second was born a little early, in a bit of an emergency which quickly put me under a general anaesthetic. By the time I came around, I found that while I was unconsious Mr Gwod had already named her - she had the wrist band, and he'd rung the parents and everything. It was a done deal.

He says it was a name we had discussed, but I don't remember a discussion only him commenting that it was nice and me saying hmmm.

Might have been something to do with it being New Years Eve...he was a little tired and emotional even before the event...

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gwod Wrote:


> Posted by: daizie Today, 06:56PM


> oh tell us what shes called


> what, and have you all tease and critisise the

> name thats taken me years to come to terms

> with?!!!


Rumplestilskin ?


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