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Hi, it was melbourne cars. But when I booked with them stating that I needed a car seat for my then 6 month old, they turned up with a forward facing car seat and tried to tell me the law had changed and they were allowed to use it!! I did try and explain to him just how dangerous it was to put a small 6 month old in a forward facing seat but not sure it made any diference. So I wouldn't recommend using them.
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Yes, I had a similar experience with them. On the way to the airport we put up with a forward facing seat since he wasn't that much under the weight limit at the time and we didn't know what else to do. But on the way back I was horrified as we had to wait for half an hour for them (this was past baby's bedtime on a windy night at Heathrow - not fun) and when the car arrived it had just a booster seat. I also tried to explain it wasn't safe etc and got laughed at. In the end we felt we had no choice but to go with them. Sorry not v helpful!

With Addison Lee they only have the booster seats (for age 1 and up) as far as I know. I think there are various airport taxi firms recommended on here though, if you search for them - sure some of them must provide car seats? Last time we flew we ended up taking our car seat in an Addison Lee as we were going to France so figured we'd need it there. Was v easy to do.

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