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messagePiplings nursery
Posted by Hannaah james October 26, 08:05PM

Hi all,

Could any ex clients or current clients please give me any experience they have had or currently having with Piplings, either their staff/management or day to day care

Hannah x

messageRe: Piplings nursery
Posted by george74 October 29, 09:08AM

Hi Hannah.

From our experience of dealing with Piplings, I would stay well clear. Whilst the day care is supposed to be pretty good, the overall management team/owners are truly shocking. We placed a £1,400 deposit with them to take our son, only to find out a week later that we were pregnant, and could not afford the fees on one salary. 3 months out and with a waiting list as long as your arm, they refused to refund us any monies from our deposit, and I would go so far as to say they were very arrogant about the fact that they could do so. It seems they have a separate income stream from ‘deposit payments’, as we were one of several, we later found out..... Would not recommend for sure! Plenty of other good nursery’s in ED, so best of luck.

messageRe: Piplings nursery
Posted by holwil86 November 07, 09:03AM

George, I am very sorry to hear of your situation however it is unfair to tell others to avoid the nursery because of it. The nursery is a business. You signed a contract that said the deposit was non-refundable. Why should the nursery have to waive the conditions of the contract because they no longer suit you? Any nursery in East Dulwich could have done the exact same thing.

We have had a fantastic experience with the nursery to date and I would very much recommend them. Our child has come on leaps and bounds during their time there and the keyworkers show a genuine passion and enthusiasm for the children every single day. Haven't been able to fault a thing so far.

Please don't let the above poster put you off.

messageRe: Piplings nursery
Posted by goldilocks November 07, 09:22AM

But for balance - I'd have to say that in years of using the forum, that's the first whole-hearted recommendation for Piplings I've ever seen! I would recommend searching for previous comments which are generally along the lines of the care in the nursery being fine / good and the management / admin being awful. It may be though that things have changed recently and the glowing recommendation above is the new normal, but would make sure you had understood everything fully before signing up.

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