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What programmes and repeats would you end.


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Jeremy Kyle!

Do you think that a real person would sit there and be humiliated like he does to them, if you look at this programme often you will see the same participants in the chair.

Lie Detector Test as they are only acting how could a genuine result be obtained?

If I were put through his abusive atitude he might find himself wearing my Zimmer as a Vest.

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All the property ones except the original (I think) Grand Designs.

Rosemary and Thyme

One hundred best.... whatevers!

How do they do it and The Gadget show are aimed at children.

Tomorrow's World used to be so much more intelligently delivered!

I do have a soft spot for Antiques Road Show, though.

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Why are people so down on MSW? An older lady mystery writer who helps out the (often bumbling) professinals to solve crimes usually involving old acquaintances - what's wrong with that?

I find it rather soothing of an afternoon.

Diagnosis Murder is a lark too.

Bargain Hunt can stay as well - as long as Tim The Toff is overseeing it, the rest of day time TV can pretty much go to hell.

Still that's why the GL gave us books and Seinfeld box sets.

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