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Child friendly xmas service with carols etc ?


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Hi there...does anyone know if there is a nice child friendly service with lots of festive carols at a local church around SE22 or nunhead way?

Probably taking place on xmas eve...wonder what time and where?

We don't normally go to church but I think the children would love it and the carols bring a nice fuzzy feeling to the spirit this time of year :)


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I thought that they did light the candles at St John's last year, as I remember seeing a little girl in the choir with long hair dangling dangerously close to the flame.

Anyway, just to say, there is also a service this Sunday (12th Dec) at 6.30pm at All Saints in Peckham, next to the train station in Blenheim Grove. We've been a couple of times and it is really lovely, cosy and full of families with nice friendly mince pie and mulled wine session afterwards. It's a bit late for our little one, but we are going to try and go.

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Also at All Saints Peckham on Blenheim Grove, there's a 'Family Nativity Service' next Sunday afternoon (19th) at 3pm. There are usually lots and lots of families there with children of all ages.


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