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New Year's Eve Playlist


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I am due to be playing some vinyl at a friend's house party on NYE. I am intending to weave a dancey wander through some disco, house and other other dancefloor-friendly bits and pieces.

I havent played a NYE party before and I am wondering what to play immediately following the Midnight countdown.

Any suggestions for a killer track that would fit this spot? Crowd will be mostly about 40 years old.

Would be very grateful for any suggestions.

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adoodledo Wrote:


> Thank you for your suggestions.


> f-t, i like your style. I had already put "Teenage

> Kicks" into my pile of records to possibly play,

> but will now consider promoting it to the

> post-countdown spot.

Noo, no no, overplayed, boring.

RosieH has hit the nail on the head. Good tune, familiar but not overplayed, excellent and appropriate lyrics.

Teenage Kicks is for those with a complete imagination bypass, the brain dead DJ.

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The midnight tune needs to be noisy, brash with plenty of air guitars. The 'hit' of the song at midnight needs to be instant, euphoric and familiar so that the song picks up the cheers and takes your party to the next level. If you played Road to Nowhere immediately after Kicks you'd have party DJ gold.
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Post countdown is tricky... the euphoria has passed, the fear / hope of a New Year has begun (sniff). I think it has to be in the anthem/epic category.

I suggest the following - they're not cool, just my ideas:

Live and Let Die

Sympathy for the Devil

With All These Things That I've Done (The Killers)

I Love NYE (Badly Drawn Boy) - not epic, but warming

The Staunton Lick or His Majesty King Raam (Lemon Jelly)

We Have All the Time in the World (Louis Armstrong)

You Only Live Twice (Nancy Sinatra) - or the Bond Theme

Year of the Cat - Al Stewart (might be a bit too melancholy)

Mr Blue Sky

The Long & Winding Road - bit too slow though

Via Con Me - Paolo Conti

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