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iPhone apps for babies


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I swear by the free TMS White Noise app on the iPhone - it literally puts my little one to sleep in minutes.

I know that there is a Mumsnet app which launched last week http://itunes.apple.com/app/babies-the-mumsnet-guide/id406970322?mt=8 but wondered if people had found any other apps that kept babies amused etc. Sure that there must be good ones with patterns, sounds and music etc.

Of course there is always the issue of baby trying to eat the iPhone rather than look at it but I live in hope!

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My daughter (nearly 2) loves playing with apps on my phone. These are her favourites:

Wheels on the bus

Itsy bitsy spider

Old macdonald


Toddler flashcards

Toddler counting


Letters A to Z

Talking Tom

Talking hedgehog

Talking Santa

Talking John

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Mine used to do that snowboarder until she learnt that meant no more game. She still does to some extent though if she's in a particularly short attention mood when she will request one game ('numbers mummy!') then 10 seconds later say 'no, cows!' I've also had to accept that sometimes she deletes apps accidentally by getting into wiggle mode but luckily have generally been backed up.
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