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Happy birthday Keith Richards

Jah Lush

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I know he's got a face that's been lived in for several generations but what a life. He's a genuine survivor. He was on everyone's next to die list for over a decade and thankfully he's still with us to tell the tale and what a tale and what a life it's been. Get the book. It's a great read.
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Great Musician and survivor but not a favourite of mine as he has cost me money on more than one occasion.

Several times put some dosh on him at work in our Annual

"Death List-Most Likely" and I thought 5/1 odds was more than fair, three times now.:X

He who lives longest laughs longest or summat like that.

Next year I'm on Ronnie Biggs and that Lebanese chappie.

P.S. Not that I'm bitter and twisted but he can live until he's 100 now. He ain't getting any more of my hard-earned!:-S

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