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Does this sound strange?


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I bought a present for my dad from ebay and the item was delivered by courier, but they delivered it to my neighbour so nothing strange about that as we all sometimes take deliveries for the people next door right? I gave the guy a knock and asked if he had taken delivery of said parcel, he said that he did but took it to the post office in Rye Lane.

What I find strange about this is the fact that Sylvestre road is the obvious choice considering its only a few roads from where we live.

The other thing I find strange is the parcel was delivered by courier so they would not except a parcel from a third party or am I wrong here?

Seems odd, It was a Xmas present and I remember a situation where another neighbour had issues with this chap regarding a delivery in the past.

I think he is a thief but I won't take it further because I don't want to start a neighbours from hell situation.

Luckily the ebay seller has offered to send me another, I have to wait which means I had to buy my dad an alternative present which has put me out of pocket :(

Am I wrong?

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I checked with the seller, they told me it had been signed for and told me where and when.

Post office shut so I cant check, maybe I'm being a bit hotheaded as my faith in human nature has been tarnished over the years ;(

I'll have to wait until the Rye Lane office re-opens but I'm not very confident.

Do you think the post office would take a parcel that has nothing to do with them?

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Sorry Narnia, misunderstanding, what I was hoping for was the courier having left a note saying 'delivery with No.XX'.

If the guy was a thief, and the PO denies receipt, he's probably going to deny the conversation with sedgewick ever happened.

I think sedgewick, that you're going to have to assume he's on the level until you've visited the PO.

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