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Suspicious caller


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Has anyone else in East Dulwich answered the door to a guy offering to trim their hedge, or similar enquiry?

He's called here twice now, once before Christmas, and once today. He has no tools with him, and upon his second visit, I felt suspicious, so watched him from the front window. He walked a few doors up the road, and then stared back at me for a full minute.

He is a white male in his late 50's in a sky blue hat. He spoke with an Irish accent and was wearing metal-framed glasses.

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I take it that the first placement was removed for some reason.

Any chance of a reason for that?

The message could not be posted. The exact same message has already been posted before and posting duplicate messages is not allowed in this forum.


..... a guy offering to trim their hedge, or similar enquiry?

Do you mean you were using a euphemism? ::o

PS: Page back is so useful ;-)

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SeanMacGabhann Wrote:


> If the OP was using a euphimism, then the whole

> thread will be Lounged and you can knock yourself

> out

In fact I think that if the OPer was using a euphemism and the warning is about a pervert it has more right, not less, to be here as a caution.

Hey ho, bruiser :))

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re a PM I have received about the autonomous (and split-second) removal of my first post on this thread I won't be PMing in reply.

My post was serious, it wasn't lewd or breaking any rules as I understand them.

In a forum that seems to comprise people that are mostly supportive of Assange I find it laughable that such autonomy is part of its Mods' equipment.

To be able to remove, without advice or explanation (or, seemingly, discussion) is bizarre ...... almost as robotic as Deadworld (aka Live) and Disqus.

Just an open thought, honest injuns :-$

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KalamityKel Wrote:


> are any of your comments here relevant to thisthread? no?

Is that?

Is your 'no?' an answer to yourself or a question to me?

However, well done, you HAVE established bandwagoner credentials.

Why on earth do you not trust someone to look after themself in a spat?

The majority is NOT always right, the question WAS relevant.

Your possible disagreement about that is meaningless.

KalamityKel Wrote:


> tfm33 if you're concerned by this visitor you

> really should report it to the police.


> safer neighbourhoods...

Quite so.

It would have been even more important (imhoo) to do so had the caller's suggestion been something else.


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KalamityKel Wrote:


> are any of your comments here relevant to this

> thread? no?

Was that relevant to it?

Nope, I rate it as simply bandwagonhopping.

Well done.

YES, my first query IS relevant.

Was the OPer reporting obscenity, a form of sexual harassment or 'simply' someone casing the joint?

I would be FAR more concerned about the former and FAR less bothered about the latter.

The covert censorship here totally disproves the pretentious claims by so many on the ASSange thread.

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He came around last summer and, at the time, I was disappointed I didn't take up the offer as the front hedge was rather overgrown and taking over the footpath. I had (dream on) intended to clean it up myself. Now I suspect I conveniently avoided being conned.

Then, last month, the council hacked it back to footpath level and took all the clippings away. Result! (Ta, Southwark.)

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Sounds like the same guy that conned me out of ?20 last summer! I accepted his offer to trim the hedge in my front garden and when he was quarter of the way through I paid him as I had to go out. Needless to say when I got back the hedge still looked the same and he was nowhere to be seen! Felt very stupid but have learnt a lesson!
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Glad I read this thread as a man has offered to trim the hedge a few weeks ago, same description as mentioned by tfm33. He said that he had just done a job for one of the neighbours and asked for ?25. I said I was not sure and he came by again 2 weeks ago.

tfm33 - I see that this has been reported to the police. Not sure if I should notify them again?

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