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Coalition to propose automatic charity donations at cash machines


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There's a difference between being given the option and being conned. After all, you have to answer a fair few questions anyway before you get any money.....one more option isn't going to hurt anyone.

It all depends on how it's done. If donate is an aditional option on the menu of services then fine. If it's a single question on it's own that you have to answer before getting to the menu of available options then I think many would see that as intrusive.

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I wonder how much it will cost for the banks to change their software to accomodate this? I also wonder if the giving will be done as a gift aid donation, thereby allowing the tax to be claimed back by the charity? It being done through a bank, that should be easy, so there's no excuse for it not to happen. And how many charities will you be able to chose from? I also imagine that it will probably just be major ones, which could have a negative impact on smaller more local ones.

I don't mind if they do this, but it's not how I would chose to give. I give to a couple of charities each month, but it comes out of my account by direct debit at the start of each month, and I barely notice it. That's my preferred method at present. Previously, I've done matched giving through an employer which was great too.

But I guess that different methods will suit different people. If it appears on the menu when you chose your service (cash, cash with receipt, balance, etc.) then I wouldn't have a problem as I could ignore it, but if I put my PIN in and the first thing it does is ask me to donate to charity before I can do anything else, I'd find that really annoying after a while (probably 2nd or 3rd usage actually!) as I already have my giving sorted.

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