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Antenatal classes


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I second the evening ones at ED Hospital. Gave me and the husband all the info we needed and we enjoyed them. Most people say NCT ones etc are more helpful if you would like to meet other mums/dads (though I really don't know as haven't done them) but in terms of practical 'all you need to know' stuff, I don't think you can go wrong with the ED hospital classes. Good luck!
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we also did the evening classes at ED hospital, 2 hours x 3 evenings. They are specifically tailored to the birth experience at Kings so really helpful from that perspective, told us what we needed to know and we still see other parents from the group. If you are booked into Kings your midwife should have the application forms.
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Also, didn't someone just post about a midwife running private antenatal classes at the Magdala in the evenings - I have a feeling they were evening sessions? Look a bit further down the message list James84, it was very recent - in the last couple of days I think - so I'm sure you'll find it.

Having said that the ED hospital classes are very good, very informative, run by a lovely, lovely midwife. And yes, there are some NCT classes running in West Dulwich that are evening only I believe.

When are you looking to do the classes btw?

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HypnoBirthing is a great way of preparing for birth although it doesn't cover all the medical aspects. Do give me a call if you'd like more info - I run group and private classes in Herne Hill, Clapham or in your home and can tailor private sessions to suit your time/budget. Also offer a free introductory evening. The techniques are life skills and will really help to make your birth easier, calmer and very positive.

There is also a website with wonderful mp3 downloads for pregnancy and birth, www.positive-birth.com - use the code edf11 for a 10% discount.

I can also recommend Sofie Jacobs - she is just fantastic and you'll love her classes.

Kristin :)

Kristin Hayward DCH DHP BA Hons

HypnoTherapy . HypnoFertility . HypnoBirthing

07963 046 456


[email protected]

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