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Have you tried either Boots or Superdrug in Peckham? I haven't actually bought any from these stores, but I did buy it from a Superdrug about a year ago, so I know they did stock it. It's normally be behind the counter so you need to ask for it. Hope that helps, sorry its not directly in ED...
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When I told the pharmacist I wanted it for my 2 year old they wouldn't sell it to me, even though the instructions inside say it can be used on children. Instead they told me to try teething powders, as if i hadnt already tried everything else for 2 year molar hell. So I sent my husband out to get it and tell them it was for his mouth ulcer.
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Thanks, folks!

Did a Google images search and there does seem to be a baby version. The version I found today in Lloyds said specifically on the packaging that it was for adults, so I thought I'd better not risk it.

Will have a look in Superdrug/Boots tomorrow as need to pop that way anyway.

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