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Boiler pressure erratic


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I posted a while ago and asked for tips to combat high pressure readings. The solution (bleeding radiator) does work but I seem to be trapped now in a pattern of too high/low.

I'm guessing a service is in order but has anyone any tips for keeping a boiler pressure happy?

It's put on in the morning and turned off/low for the day until the evening when it's turned up.

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My Vaillant Boiler developed a Fault where the pressure reached 2.6 Bar

normally would be 1.5 - 1.6 when on Max temp.

The Boiler had its Yearly Service By Vaillant but the fault returned.

The Fault was F75 which I Googled and it was suggested it was either the Pump or Pressure sensor.

Vaillant engineer cam back and changed the Sensor and now seems OK. 5 minute job.

The Sensors can get clogged and then cannot control the pressure.


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