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Anyone delivering garden supplies?


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Just out of interest, the Waitrose and RHS keep closing their online ordering section due to high volume. I think the 2 main sheds - B & Q and Homebase - have limited stock and a collection day up to a week away. It's always worth contacting one of the nurseries out of London direct and asking maybe...
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I am doing deliveries from my nursery who are operating a distancing collection for plants, trees, pots, compost , watering systems, gravels & stone mulches , bark chip & more.

I am doing collection & deliveries in the next few days , but have to wait for my slot


Exterior Design Gardens


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Shannons are extremely helpful.

If you phone them, they will tell you what they have in stock or are expecting.

You can then pay over the phone.

They will deliver, but it is expensive. However you can drive to their back gate, phone them from your car and they will put your order outside the gate while you sit in your car.

When they have gone you can pick the things up.

I got a load of compost yesterday.

Am being careful with handling the bags though (wearing gloves plus leaving it in the car for a while).

ETA: I can also highly recommend Nigel above, who was very helpful regarding something else a month or so back.

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Just wondering if anyone has ordered anything from the lovely Shannons Garden Centre lately, and if so, how long did it take? I emailed an order on 1st May but haven't heard anything (apart from an automatic email reply). Am I being too impatient? Don't want to chase, they must be inundated with orders and anyway instructions are not to phone them... thanks
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