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Barry Road SE22


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Hi all,

Please can I have your honest reviews on Barry Road se22? 

What's it like to live there? What are the surrounding schools like? Is it a safe, happy communal area to live with children?

Any reviews appreciated.

Asking for sombody who is considering moving there? 

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Bottom end is very near Peckham Rye  park and the playground.

Top end is near the library and quite near Dulwich Park, also near Lordship Lane buses and the shops at that end of Lordship Lane, eg Sainsbury's Local, a pharmacy etc

Buses in Barry Road go to Peckham Rye station, but it would be a bit of a trek to East Dulwich station whichever end you were.

Pub at each end - Plough at the top, Clock House at the bottom. Both child friendly so far as I know.

Convenience store and small coffee shop in the road, both ok.

I would think the main drawback would be that it's a very busy road with traffic and traffic noise. Don't know how noisy it would be in the garden (if you had one).

Personally I'd rather be in one of the quieter side roads, especially with children, but I don't know how prices compare.

No idea re schools. There's a very large one opposite the Rye, just round the corner from Barry Road.


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Have lived in Barry Road since 1975 - the top end by Lordship Lane. Catchment area for Heber Primary and St Anthony's RC primary.

Harris Boys by Peckham Rye. Our girls went to Sydenham Girls secondary school in Forest Hill (short bus ride away). Busy Road with 2 bus routes, parking difficult unless you have off road. Bus terminus in Etherow Street for 40 route. 

Shops at LL end - newsagent, chemist, grocers, dry cleaner, fish and chips, Chinese take away, Sainsburys' local, Plough Homecraft, Indian take away, Kebabs, library.  Café, hairdressers, Bread of Life Café in Christ Church (open weekdays) Fair Trade Centre in same building.

In Darrell Road which is between Upland and Underhill Roads - you have East Dulwich Community Centre which is used by various groups during week, plus children's dance groups on Saturdays. Small shops in both Underhill and Upland Road 

Long gardens both side of road LL to Goodrich, a mix of sizes further down - dependent on whether houses or flats.

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"It is named after Charles Barry and is said to be exactly one mile long. Barry designed Dulwich Park, to which the road leads. Westerfield Road became Barry Road in 1867."

I think it was a sort of grand avenue for carriages for the likes of Queen Victoria who came to Dulwich Park to admire the rhododendrons

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Sir Charles Barry and his son Charles Barry Junior were both architects for Dulwich College.  Junior designed many buildings for the College including the new College itself, Dulwich Library, North Dulwich Station and the sadly disappeared High Level station at Crystal Palace.  He was responsible for the initial designs for Dulwich Park but the final designs were by JJ Sexby, Chief Parks Officer for the LCC.   There was a track there long before it became Barry Road.

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thread on the Barry Road road race www.eastdulwichforum.co.uk/topic/193882-speeding-on-barry-road/

Barry road 20mph map https://consultations.southwark.gov.uk/environment-leisure/barryroad/supporting_documents/BarryRoad20mph_V7.pdf

And report on consultation (2019) on Barry Road, sustainable streets - noting average speed is above 24mph  https://moderngov.southwark.gov.uk/documents/s81653/Appendix C.pdf

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29 minutes ago, first mate said:

Malumbu, you have posted in the wrong section, this lot should be 8n the traffic section. You are up to your old tricks again!

The actual thread was initially about living in Barry - this was hijacked to make it about traffic. - Oh, and the Barry Road Race referenced by Malumbu was actually a thing - it was a pedestrian race in Barry Road, in the old days when we weren't a divided community.

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10 minutes ago, gabys1st said:

Barry Rd is great for the reasons already posted BUT lousy if you are a wheel chair user due to the tree's roots making it at tims impossible to pass.

Would that make it hard for pushing buggies as well?

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