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It Takes All Sorts To Make A Forum

aquarius moon

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The 'elite' - They have a sense of humour, are sensible, genuine, nice people. The ones you would choose to be friends with.

The 'good but annoying' - They have a good heart but can't help posting to wind-up because it's fun to get a response and a light-hearted spat will pass the time.

The 'wouldn't want to know them' - They must get a buzz out of making unpleasant comments or they wouldn't make a regular habit of it.

And if they behave like this on a forum, why would you want to meet people in real life who are capable of such nastiness?

The 'rude' - You speak to them on the forum by mentioning their name in posts and they ignore you. Posting and getting no response is fine, but if you address the post to someone, they don't answer and you just know they must have seen it? Plain rude.

The 'rest' - who don't fit into any of the above categories.

So..........What sort are you? Think about it.

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All forums have their archetypes for sure. Here are a few more...

The Lurker - the "longtime listener, first time caller" of the online world. Perhaps still waters run deep, or perhaps The Lurker prefers to remain silent and be thought irrelevant than to comment and have it confirmed?

The Dredger - will go to any length not to start a new thread when a search reveals any previous discussion on the topic in mind, even from years ago. The Dredger's motivations range from self-effacing to self-promoting and, as in the real world, opinion on the benefits of dredging is divided.

The Derailer - determined that no topic should remain on its original track, it is The Derailer's sworn duty is to divert course to the Serious Issues which would otherwise have remained an unnoticed tangent in a far too straightforward discussion.

La Prima Donna - the leading light of the forum, without whose illumination threads would remain dull and uninspired. A Warren Beatty figure for the local online world, a celebrity for discussion in its own right, or the unnamed but universally recognised subject of song lyrics and forum comment alike.

The Campaigner - this character is either the sound, beating heart of the community forum, or is benignly tolerated for their ludicrous delusion that anyone cares more about the threatened closure of this or that amenity than about the Serious Issues solemnly raised by The Derailer, or about the latest drama of Le Prime Donne. Whether driven by the passion of the dedicated or the fervour of the insane, The Campaigner tirelessly plugs away with The Mission.

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It's a scale, not binary, the dredging. Imagine if someone started a new thread every time they wanted to grind their axe about demographic shifts in ED? In that parallel universe, every other thread would descend into the same arguments back and forth about the same old boring subject. Ah, hang on...

ETA: probably the derailer, but me motives is pure as the driven snow guv

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Louisa Wrote:


> There's a few people Id like to create a further

> group for. Snobs.


> Louisa.

I suppose yourself and the Fox would be the first ones in there for looking down on the innocent blow in's in ED?

That's what you meant, yeah?

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I think the fox is being given a bit of a hard time on here lately. He is always one of the first to come up with something unique and interesting, and never talks in riddles. You know exactly where you are with him. Can we give him a break everyone please? It really isn't fair to constantly scapegoat everything he says.

On a further point, how would we both be regarded as snobs. I challenge anyone on here to point out where I have singled out any new residents wealthy or otherwise in my recent posting history. I think I've been rather well behaved.


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