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If you could live anywhere for 2 months...

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Los Angeles. There are great museums are really terrific alternative theatre scene, lots of cheap indie art and performance events, great food, funky beaches and fun beaches and great parks and hills to climb. The traffic can be awful (same as London but you have to drive all the time so you feel it more). Also, huge swathes of the city are really ugly (American strip mall hideousness) but the nice pockets are really pretty and it?s a young city full of energy.
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"And is spain warm enough in winter?"

Depends when, where, and warm enough for what. There isn't anywhere in mainland Spain that is reliably warm enough in January and February to go to the beach and swim in the sea, for example, but most of Spain is warm enough to feel like you have 'escaped winter'.

On the general question, again it depends on how warm you want and whether you want town/city, countryside, beach. If you want proper hot weather you need to go tropical or southern hemisphere (unless you like deserts), and if it was me I'd probably go to SE Asia, but that's largely because I've been going there every winter for the last 15 years or so. For somewhere that will be nice and warm Southern California is a good shout, but I'd go San Diego over LA. In Europe I'd either go to Spain (Barcelona or Girona) or Sicily.

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