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The Peckham Kiss


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Posting in a bad mood - our car that lives outside had its bumper pushed in (it is plastic) by someone unknown about 6/7 months ago - so while said car was off for MOT last week I accepted a kind offer from our long suffering garage bod to sort it out - took bumper off pushed it out and re-sprayed it.

So I'm sitting here working away @ 222 hrs or so and hearing a car pull up outside think it is my SO coming home and look out to see some b----r do a three point turn in the road, hit the front of our car in the same place again and park in the space adjacent - and walk off despite what I assume were his passengers having seen me looking.

Is this called the Peckham Kiss or what?

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Normal behaviour in Finsbury Park, although I'm not sure how useful that information is. And Paris of course.

As he's parked next to you now though I guess you can have a word, make a claim etc although I'd be tempted to just say it's part of life's rich tapestry and leave it. If you fix it it'll only get bumped again!

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