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BCG scar advice pls


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My sons had his BCG two months ago and the scar was initially fine, but in the last week has gone really hard and looks like a little bruise, its also bigger than it was. I thought if it was going to go manky it did it within a couple of weeks so thought we had got lucky and avoided that. Anyone else had any problems later on with the BCG injection? Should I get someone to look at it?

Ta. x

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hi Ellas did the same, fine at first then went funny, hers looked like a bruise then a scab, when I mentioned it to health visitor she said if it became raised wait till she was in the bath and bathe it to soften skin then rub the scab/knock the top off to see if it had got infected. When I did this there was loads of white/green goo inside. Bathed and repeated it daily and after about a week it stopped oozing and healed properly. might be worth showing to health visitor to see what you are told but think its fine unless it becomes raised(means its filling with puss)
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