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I am currently in a baking mood - seems to have lasted a good few weeks now though! - must be something to do with me 'nesting'!

I have been making fairy cakes and plain sponge ones are going down very well, I've mastered the mixture and icing etc. However the chocolate chip ones are proving more complicated! It seems that the chips all sink to the bottom of the cakes or the sponge rises over them all? They still taste nice but just arent quite right! I have tried with different chips, smashed up chocolate etc but no luck as of yet. Anyone got any suggestions??!?



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Hi Anna. I think your mixture might be a bit too runny. I'm not a baking expert by any means, but I recently made choc chip muffins and used chopped up chocolate (rather than buttons) and they came out fine (i.e. evenly distributed). Or maybe you're using too much baking powder and they're raising too quickly? Hope that helps.
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2 eggs, 125g flour, 125g butter, 125g sugar, 1tsp baking powder.

Cream butter and sugar together. Mix in eggs. Fold in flour & baking powder (don't beat too hard). Add a splash of milk so the batter is a bit easier to drop into the cake cases.

Cook for about 15 mins at 180 degrees C. Voila! Can you tell I've made a LOT of fairy cakes...?

I also add a teaspoon of vanilla essence with the eggs but that can easily be omitted.

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O interesting suggestions, I'll try them out!

I dont add the baking powder, I use self raising flour 125g, 125g sugar, 125g butter, 2 eggs = well mixed, then add whatever flavouring you want and then add to the cases - crucial: Dont over fill the cases!

I def agree with the above cooking times though - a lot of receipes suggest 18/20mins but this is too long - they continue to cook even once you have taken them out!

My favourites are vanilla cakes with lemon drizzle over the top (lemon juice and icing sugar) mmm...

Enjoy ladies!

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I've recently found this great muffin recipe for using up old bananas. It's really easy and they're mmmm delicious.


I'm always a bit confused about the bi-carb/baking powder thing so replaced the plain flour for self-raising, added some baking powder and ignored the bi-carb. Worth adding vanilla essence and/or cinnamon if you have any to hand.

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